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    Imatest Master License

    Used by hundreds of companies for developing and testing digital cameras and imaging systems, Imatest Master is our most popular product. It includes the full set of Imatest image quality tests and supports most standard test charts.
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    Imatest IT - Industrial Testing Automation Library

    Imatest IT is an Application Programming Interface (API) for performing Imatest's image quality tests in an automated fashion, such as in a production line.
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    MWIR Infrared Test Chart

    Until now, limitations in IR test charts and analysis software have left IR image testing techniques lagging well behind testing techniques used with visible light cameras. Imatest’s Infrared SFRplus test chart, in combination with the IR Edition software package, eliminates these problem.
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    Isolight Reflective Test Chart Light Metering & Timing Measurement System

    Contact for availability. 

    The Isolight light metering system combines four photopic light sensors, a 100-LED chaser display, a flexible chart holding system, and multiple mounting options. The Isolight can greatly accelerate image quality testing and enhance the quality of your imaging product.

    • Powered by USB, DC adapter, or 3 or 6 AAA batteries

    • Dimensions: 13.6in x 11.6in x 0.8in (345mm x 295mm x 21mm)

    Starting at: $85.00

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