Imatest Collimator Fixture


Test your imaging system at distances up to infinity within the limited space of a test lab. The Collimator Fixture is configurable to your working distances and fields of view with an adjustable lens-to-chart distance, interchangeable collimating lenses, and charts. This relay lens system for simulating large test distances in a compact space is ideal for manufacturing and R&D.

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Imatest Collimator Fixture



The Imatest Collimator Fixture integrates with our LED Light Panels, sizes C through G.

Included with the Fixture:

  • Joystick and computer-control interface for automatic positioning using four motorized stages.
  • Storage and recall of device positions.
Not included: Light Panel and test chart


  • Entrance pupil diameter of device under test must be less than or equal to the exit pupil size of the collimating lens.
  • Camera needs to be aligned precisely with the optical axis of the collimator.

Size: 951mm length x 1300mm width x 797mm height (depending on required panel distance)

Collimating Lens Options

LensWavelengthFOVExit Pupil SizeVirtual Object Distance
CL736i Visible 70° 15.0 mm 400 mm - Infinity
CL921e Visible 90° 4.5 mm 400 mm - Infinity
CL1021i Visible 100° 4.5 mm 400 mm - Infinity
CL1223i Visible 120° 4.5 mm 350 mm - Infinity
CL825IR IR (850nm, 940nm) 80° 4.0 mm 400 mm - Infinity
CL921IR IR (850nm, 940nm) 90° 4.5 mm 400 mm - Infinity

Target Size Options

Light PanelSizeIllumination
C 432mm x 305mm

Select from:
100 - 1000 lux
3100K, 4100K, 5100K, or 6500K

2 ~ 20 W/m2
  850nm or 940nm

D 610mm x 432mm
E 907mm x 540mm
F 907mm x 680mm
G 1225mm x 680mm