Reflective Chart Lighting System


This is a high quality, fully customizable lighting system that can obtain high quality illumination covering an area up to 40x60 inch (100×150 cm) with reasonably good uniformity (>80%) and smaller reflective charts (areas) with high uniformity (>90%).

Packed with many features and options, it offers a very flexible lighting solution and is able to create almost any conceivable lighting condition.

See below for details. For more information and pricing, please contact

Please contact for pricing.



The lighting system offers flexibility when illuminating reflective test targets because it utilizes multi-source luminaires and heavy duty, sturdy Munsell N5 coated light stands that can be positioned with ease. These lights can be configured to work anywhere in the world.

Standard Configuration:

  • 4 Light Sources (D65, D50, CWF, Inc. A) 
  • All sources dimmable via rotary dial or digitally 
  • Individual Lamp control 
  • Multi-source option for creating mixed lighting conditions 


The lighting system can be fully customized to fit your specific application with your choice of many different options including:

  • 2, 3, 4, or 8 light sources
  • Daylight (D50, D65, or D75) 
  • Cool White Fluorescent, TL-84, or TL-83 
  • SPX-35 or 10,000K 
  • Incandescent A 
  • Software controllable via WiFi 


For more information about the lighting system and pricing, please contact