Imatest LED Light Panel


The Imatest LED Light Panel provides a versatile, low profile and lightweight light source with 90% uniformity, dimmability, wireless controls and easy integration with our hardware and charts. Choose from a variety of color temperatures as well as near-infrared channels with illuminance levels ranging from 100 to 1,000 lux. It is ideal for testing many image quality factors with a range of transmissive test charts.

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Imatest LED Light Panel




Our light panels are offered in five standard sizes with:

  • Chart alignment rails to align the charts for the most reliable results
  • A single channel or two channels with various color temperature and NIR options
  • Illuminance levels ranging from 100 to 1,000 lux
  • 90% uniformity

 SKU  Sizes   Diffuser Panel Size 


 (min to max)*

 Light Temperature


 Uniformity  Channels
 ILP-A     A  229 x 152mm (9 x 6")

  100 to 1,000 lux

  NIR = 2 ~ 20 W/m2  





  NIR 850nm

  NIR 940nm


  (or 95% available

  upon request)


  (Multi-channel available

  upon request)

 ILP-B     B  260 x 220mm (10.24 x 8.66") 
 ILP-C     C  432 x 305mm (17 x 12")
 ILP-D     D  610 x 432mm (24 x 17")  90%
 ILP-F     F  907 x 680mm (35.7 x 26.8")

*In the multi-channel mixed mode, the intensity range is reduced to 200 to 1,000 lux.

**With the multi-channel version you may emit a single channel or mix a combination of channels together.

Options available upon request

  • 30 to 1,000 lux
  • Multi-channel with mixed mode
  • 95% uniformity (Available in sizes A, B & C only)

If you are interested in the additional options, please email with your specific testing requirements. Download the Info Sheet