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Imatest is relocating to new office space in January 2021. We will minimize the impact to our customers, but we do anticipate longer lead times for order fulfillment. Our standard lead times will be suspended through the end of the February 2021 and will resume in March 2021. We will make every attempt to minimize the production downtime, but we cannot guarantee shipment of any new orders before this time. Our standard chart lead times can be found here: Shipping Policy.

Our new address will be 2525 Frontier Ave, Suite B, Boulder, CO 80301

Sofica Chart Selector


The Sofica Chart Selector is an automated chart changing system consisting of a motorized module to move different test chart panels into the camera measurement area. The design and the Selector control software ensure that each chart will be placed in the same precise position.

Availability: Available to Order

Sofica Chart Selector



Backpane size:            Standard 1700mm x 1020mm (67" x 40"); customizable
Backpane color: 18% Neutral Grey (Munsell N5)
Number of charts: Supports 10 test charts (customizable)
Control method: RJ45, WiFi (web-based user interface)
SDK: html, python, C++ API
Environment: 20-30C
Power Supply: 110V / 230V

Piezo collision detector and emergency stop by default. Optional: laser curtain, pressure mattress, etc.

Speed:  ~13 second switch cycle

Download Video Here