Imatest Ultra-Wide Field of View Test Fixture


This product has been replaced with the Imatest Modular Test Stand with Wide FOV module.

For cameras with field of view wider than 160°, it becomes extremely difficult to test the resolution and chromatic aberration across the imaging plane with a flat test chart system. The SFR-W8 test fixture offers 180° FOV image testing with back-lit targets. Using Imatest software, obtain meaningful results from an eSFR ISO center target and eight SFRreg targets in predefined locations. The fixture is fully adjustable in X, Y, & Z directions, and includes a geared tripod head with adjustable pan, tilt, and rotation (actual tripod head not pictured).

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Wide Field of View Equipment

Ultra-wide Imaging

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Lens to target distance (for all 9 targets): 100cm (39.4”)
8 SFRreg targets included: 25.3cm x 17.4cm (6.85” x 9.96”) - Mounted on Acrylic Illuminated with Imatest LED Light Panel - Size A
eSFR ISO center target included: 63.4cm x 43.2cm (24.96” x 17.87”) - Mounted on Acrylic Illuminated with Imatest LED Light Panel - Size D
Overall Test Fixture dimensions: 226.1cm x 156.2cm x 124.7cm (89.03” x 61.5” x 49.11”)
Field of view coverage: >180°
Overall Test fixture weight: 33kg (73lbs)
Input Voltage Requirement: 100-240V 50/60HZ
Voltage Requirement: 110V / 220V
Maximum power draw: 68 Watts
Color Temperature / Light Spectrum Options: 3100K, 4100K, 5100K, 6500K, NIR 850nm, NIR 940nm Available in multi or single channel
Intensity (min to max): 100 to 1,000 lux, NIR = 2 to 90W/m2
  • Fully adjustable in XYZ directions to accommodate any imaging system
  • Camera Position fully adjustable in XYZ axes to accommodate any imaging system
  • Geared tripod head with Pan, Tilt, and Rotation adjustments included
  • Power strip and wire management provided
  • Sturdy extruded aluminum frame
  • Detailed assembly guide provided with all necessary hardware
  • Custom configurations available. Contact



Imatest Wide FOV Test Fixture Dimension