Automotive Image Quality Test Package

SKU: AIQpack

This assembly of products can comprise a complete automotive test solution.

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Automotive Image Quality Test Package

SKU: AIQpack


Depending on what capabilities you need in your lab, you can select an assortment of our software, equipment and test charts.


Compare the different versions of Imatest Software.

Ultra Wide & Long Range Testing

The Imatest Modular Test Stand  with Wide Field of View Test Module  enables testing up to 200°. See more about ultra wide solutions.

Collimator lenses and target projection systems can be used to simulate a longer distance in a compact environment. These can fill 10°, 70°, 120° or 180°. See more about long-range solutions.

Reflective lighting

See our reflective lighting comparison.

Reflective Resolution & ISO Charts

For sharpness measurement along with many other image quality factors, see ISO-12233.

Our checkerboard chart provides detailed sharpness and distortion analysis at a larger range of working distances.

SFRreg targets can be used for long range or ultra wide testing.

The set of six ISO-16505 test charts is available in three standard sizes (2x, 4x and 5.5x).


Find more details about our Uniform Light Sources.

Lightbox Test Charts

For mounting on the ITI LED lightbox, these charts can test dynamic range performance. 

Dynamic Range test charts come in 100dB WDR or 150dB UHDR variants. See more about Contrast Resolution.

Tunable and Ultra-wide Light Sources

The RS-7 Tunable LED can fill up to 180° FoV, the Spherical Lighting System can fill up to 300°.

Robotic Automation

See our robotic automation equipment page.

Flare Test System

Our backlit target is for testing flare according to the ISO 18844 standard. See measuring the impact of flare light on dynamic range.