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ISO 12233: Ver. QA-77 Enhanced digital camera resolution chart


Please Note

This chart does not conform to the updated ISO 12233:2014 standard. We recommend the Photographic ISO 12233:2014 E-SFR chart for testing that does not specifically require the old chart.

Based on ISO 12233:2000, the QA-77 has all of the original features as the QA-72 plus several new ones, such as; Star Sector target; 5° slant bar; 5° dark gray square for SFR analysis as well as a greater resolution range, from 100 - 4000 Line Width / Pixel Height and hyperbolic wedges.

Note: This chart has a 2-4 week lead time.
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ISO 12233: Ver. QA-77 Enhanced digital camera resolution chart




Notes: QA-77-4-P-RM will not contain gray features, it will consist of black and white line work only.

This chart is used to measure sharpness from slanted-edge patterns (as Spatial Frequency Response = SFR) using the Imatest SFR module. It can also measure resolution from the hyperbolic wedges using the Imatest Wedge module (a part of Rescharts).

Technical Notes: Enhanced Digital Camera Resolution Chart QA-77_spec_v1-05.pdf

PolarityActive AreaRefl. Material
Positive 100mm × 178mm (3.93701" x 7.01") QA-77-2-P-RM
Positive 200mm × 356mm (7.87" x 14.01") QA-77-P-RM
Positive 400mm × 711mm (15.75" x 27.99") QA-77-3-P-RM
Positive 800mm × 1422mm (31.50" x 55.98") QA-77-4-P-RM