SFRreg Test Chart


The SFRreg test target consists of a slanted-edge quadrant pattern enclosed within a circle. It is used for measuring MTF and lateral chromatic aberration. A test image typically contains several targets that are automatically detected and analyzed by Imatest beginning with Version 4.2

Distortion Note: High amounts of distortion where the target may be compressed so that the major axis is 50% larger than the minor axis may have issues with autodetection. Pre-distortion may be necessary for these cases.

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SFRreg Test Chart




Download PDF Info Sheet SFRreg targets can be placed at arbitrary positions and angles to accommodate a wide variety of test cases:

  • Long distance tests where conventional charts would be impractically large 
  • Ultra-wide Field of View tests (>170) where a flat target cannot reach the outer field
  • Autofocus tests where a single frame can contain several targets placed at different distances

Watch this video and see the SFRreg module in action.

Available substrates: High Precision Film, Reflective Inkjet and Transmissive Inkjet. Inkjet charts are available in either 10:1 or 4:1 contrast ratios. 

Reflective & Transmissive Inkjet size options

SizeReg Mark DiameterTotal Media Size
0.5x 100mm (3.94") 125mm x 165mm (4.92" x 6.50")
1x 200mm (7.87") 250mm x 330mm (9.84" x 12.99")
1.5x 300mm (11.81") 375mm x 500mm (14.76" x 19.69")
2x 400mm (15.75") 500mm x 665mm (19.69" x 26.18")
3x 600mm (23.62") 750mm x 1000mm (29.53" x 39.437)
4x 800mm (31.50") 1000mm x 1330mm (39.37" x 52.36")
5x 1000mm (39.37") 1105mm x 1665mm (43.50" x 65.55")

High precision film targets

Produced at a size of 196.85mm x 234.95mm (7.75" x 9.25") on 203.2mm x 254mm (8" x 10") film.

  Tiling    Total Targets    Reg Mark Diameter  Total Media Size
1 x 1 1 157.88mm
  196.85mm x 234.95mm
(7.75" x 9.25")  
1 x 2 2 93.84mm
117.0mm x 156.0mm
(4.61" x 6.14")
2 x 2 4 70.66mm
88.11mm x 117.48mm
(3.47" x 4.63")
2 x 3 6 59.20mm
73.82mm x 98.43mm
(2.91" x 3.88")
3 x 4 12 39.34mm
49.06mm x 65.41mm
(1.93" x 2.58")

Quantity discounts apply. 20% discount on orders of 5-8 targets. 40% discount on orders of 9+ targets. Discount will show in shopping cart.

Please contact for additional customization options.