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Imatest is relocating to new office space in January 2021. We will minimize the impact to our customers, but we do anticipate longer lead times for order fulfillment. Our standard lead times will be suspended through the end of the February 2021 and will resume in March 2021. We will make every attempt to minimize the production downtime, but we cannot guarantee shipment of any new orders before this time. Our standard chart lead times can be found here: Shipping Policy.

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Imatest Modular Test Stand


The Imatest Modular Test Stand is an easy-to-use platform for image quality testing that is purpose-built for a professional lab setting.

Add an Imatest Light Panel or the Reflective Lighting Module with Kino Flo LED Lights for a system that needs only a target and your camera.

Or add our Wide Field of View Module to enable fast and efficient testing of WFOV systems.

Approximate lead time: 10 - 12 Weeks

See MTS info sheet.

Our product pricing and shipping rates do not include import duties, taxes or fees. The customer / recipient is responsible for these expenses.

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Imatest Modular Test Stand




The Imatest Modular Test Stand base module is manually adjustable and features a rail system for easy positioning, a tripod head or gimbal head for mounting of device, and a chart holder that accommodates a variety of charts. The Modular Test Stand facilitates precise setup and repeatability in your test lab. (Light source and test charts sold separately.)

  • Enable tilt and rotation measurements by controlling the alignment between the camera and chart.
  • Includes Bosch BLAZE™ GLM 42 135 Ft. Laser Measurer. This rangefinder is accurate to ±1.59mm (1/16").
  • Reduce the time spent setting up your test environment.
  • Configure the test stand to your camera system.
  • Integrate reflective lighting and wide-FoV targets customizations are available upon request.

Rail System

  • Rail length - 1m (39.37"), 2m (78.74"), 3.5m (137.79")
  • Camera mounts - Promaster Gimbal mount or Manfrotto 410 head
  • Integrated Tape Measure for quick reference of camera position relative to the chart
  • Laser range finder for accurate positioning
  • Camera post is dampened for easy adjustment of camera height
  • X-axis adjustable (120mm; "4.72") Manfrotto 454 micrometric positioning sliding plate
  • Drag chain and clips for cable management

Chart Holder

  • Adjustable chart height
  • Compatible reflective charts sizes - Min: 21.58cm x 27.94cm (8.50" x 11"); ColorChecker, Max: 110cm x 144cm (43.31" x 56.69")
  • Light panel sizes - C through G. A and B available with adaptor (contact for details)


  • Weight: Default Option (2m Rail): ~180 lbs (82kg)
  • Overall dimensions: Default Option (2m Rail): 2083mm long x 1000mm wide x 2020mm high (82" long x 39.37" wide x 79.53 high)
  • Camera Tilt:
    • Tripod Head: Pitch: -30° / +90°, Roll:  -90° / +30°
    • Gimbal: Pitch: 360°, Roll: 0°
  • Camera Rotation:
    • Tripod Head: 360°
    • Gimbal Head: 300°
  • X-axis adjustment: 120 mm (4.72")
  • Reflective chart size range: Min: 21.58cm x 27.94cm (8.50" x 11"), Max: 110cm x 144cm (43.31" x 56.69")
  • Transmissive chart size range: Imatest LED Light Panel C through G
  • Rail length options: 1m (39.37"), 2m (78.74"), 3.5m (137.79")
  • Material: anodized 6105-T5 Aluminum

Custom options include:

  • Custom camera mount
  • Custom rail length
  • Lighting integration (6 Week Lead Time)

Add-on Modules for the Modular Test Stand Base: