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Imatest MTS Wide Field of View Module


The WFOV Module is an add-on to Imatest's Modular Test Stand and provides an easy to use platform for sharpness testing of wide FOV camera systems. It enables fast and efficient testing of WFOV systems that are otherwise difficult to characterize due to the non-planar nature of their imaging plane.

  • Purpose-built for sharpness testing on camera systems with FOV up to 200º 

  • Rail systems for easy mounting and positioning of your camera device, peripheral test targets, and light sources

  • The main chart holder accommodates a variety of different charts

  • Includes one Isolight Puck for measuring lighting uniformity

Base stand, lights and test charts are sold separately. View the complete WFOV package options.

Lead time approximately 10 - 12 weeks.

See MTS Wide Field of View Module information sheet.

Availability: Available to Order


Imatest MTS Wide Field of View Module




The Imatest Reflective Wide Field of View Module is an add-on to our Modular Test Stand base. It adds mounting points for 4 reflective SFRreg targets to the outside of the base, as well as a sliding light post for mounting KinoFlo LED lights in a way that allows for sufficiently uniform illumination of all 5 test charts. Imatest SFRreg targets can be affixed in a polar relationship to the camera rail and adjusted in distance, angle, and height. The arms rest on lockable casters to move with the camera rail. Mounting points for Isolight Pucks allow for easy light measurements to ensure proper uniformity. This module includes one Isolight Puck with the option to add four additional Pucks. This system allows you to analyze captured images in Imatest software to better characterize wide field of view cameras.

  • Allows for WFOV testing for cameras with diagonal FOVs between 140º - 200º
  • Test distances between 0.5m - 1.5m
  • Polar coordinate system 
  • Efficient and easy adjustments
  • Easy uniformity measurements
  • Modular Test Stand (MTS) Base module, Kino Flo Lights and Test Charts are sold separately. 


  • Weight for RWFOV Module (not including base module, charts or lights): 173lb / 79kg; Crated: 328lb / 149kg 
  • Overall fixture dimensions for full width max setup: Length: (Length of MTS Base Module) x Width: 3.38m x Height (2.04m)
  • Crated dimension: 2.03m x 0.61m x 0.53m
  • Testing distances range: 0.5m - 1.5m @ 3:2 or 16:9 camera aspect ratio
  • Material: Black anodized 6105 T5 Aluminum
  • Includes one Isolight Puck with cable
  • Lead Time: 8 weeks

Recommended Chart Sizes:

  • Testing under 1m with <160º FOV: 4 Outer targets: SFRreg - Size 0.5x, 1 Center Target: eSFR ISO - Size 2x
  • Testing under 1m with >160º FOV: 4 Outer targets: SFRreg - Size 1x, 1 Center Target: eSFR ISO - Size 2x
  • Testing over 1m: 4 Outer targets: SFRreg - Size 1.5x, 1 Center Target: eSFR ISO - Size 4x